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Ancestor: Wodan – the trial

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on March 29, 2010 by bersaelor

While searching for a japanese translator today, someone in a forum told me my game has essentially the same logic as an old freegame for windows :

Wodan – The Trial is a round-based strategy game. Your task is to protect your own land and to conquer your enemy’s territory with your soldiers. You can build castles for your protection and to cut off your enemy’s supply. (

Guess everything has been around somewhere before!

Here two Screenshots for comparison:

I tried it on my windows-desktop and the appearent differences are:

  1. Units can’t conquer a field that is next to a unit of the same level in wodan. In tactica units only defend their own square, not all adjacent ones.
  2. there are trees on tiles that are basically blocking the income of a tile and can be cleared by any unit. If left alone those trees grow into forests, cutting hard into your income. Basically like a neutral player. Sounds interesting.
  3. each connected area has its own income and credits amounting to the fact, that a unit in one area can disband because of the lack of credits while there is an abundance of credits in another area
  4. one may build castles that don’t seem to cost upkeep but defend a tile. Basically a wall

Now I’m thinking about adding option 1 to tactica, it could increase tactical deepness. Fact 2 also seems to encourage tactical thinking, but a tree growing into a base seems weird to me. Let alone in my sci-fi setting, what should grow into a bunker?!?

I don’t know about 3 and 4, think those wouldn’t really improve the game. Especially 4 would make everything more complicated.