Preview of the 1.5 Graphic Improvements

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I just felt like jumping around in the library because I got the new multisampling (Antialiasing!) feature in iOS4 working, here’s a life screenshot from my iPod 3Gen:

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Speeding up vertex-array fillrates: Sequential Loop vs. vDSP

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Recently I saw the WWDC presentation on the Accelerate-framework Apple provides for the iPhone.

Now I thought to myself: “My, one very big part of my 3D-Engines code is dedicated to putting 3D geometry information into interleaved arrays, maybe I could speed that up?”

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Feature-List for Version 1.5:

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Here is the changelist of Version 1.4: (Update submitted to the AppStore at June 28th)

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Icon without Borders, what do you think?

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Last time we met, Tore Knabe suggested the hexagonal strategic gameplay wasn’t obvious in my old Icon, so I made a new one:

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Version 1.3 & Meeting with the Creator of Bowmaster

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So version 1.2 is already on its way to be reviewed and should be available next week. But it only fixes bugs and the next content patch will be 1.3.
So I owe a lot of the suggestions for Version 1.3 to Tore Knabe the Founder of iOccam, whom I met because he is a very succesful indie developer from Berlin. Great guy and an even greater app called “Bowmaster”:

Tore Knabe’s Bowmaster

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Sean O’Connors “Slay”, where it all started

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So as it turns out, Sean O’Connor programmed the first game to share the same rules as SecWars and Wodan the Trial called “Slay“.

In his comments on the last post he explained he even did the first version for the Atari ST in 1989!

It appears its now available for Windows, PocketPC and iPhone.

As I had never played any of his games and only saw the video of SecWars by CCP, my Rules fall far behind in respect of strategical depth as the ones used in Slay.

After all my game was supposed to be fastpaced and easy to play on an iPhone but I admit if you search for a real mindbending challenge you should check out Slay.

Go to this page to get it, I can only recommend doing so 🙂

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Review by AppSpy

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This morning I tried to google tactica to see where I would end up.

Surprisingly Andrew of  App-Spy reviewed Tactica without telling me about it!

I got a 3/5 grade  but the gameplay-points he made are fair and valid.

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Future Feature Wishlist/ Things I may or may not implement

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So I got a lot of nice review by guys from all over the world, but everybody has some things to add or ask me to implement, so now I thought I’d do a little bit of planning for what to go first.

(Oh and for everybody reading this, I’m just one guy programming/designing/painting who originaly has to write a thesis about Markov Chains too 😉 So don’t expect me to write Civilization 5 for you, even though I would like to)

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Version 1.1

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I’m happy to announce that I submitted version 1.1 of Tactica to Apple.

It will help all of those who found the SIngleplayer Campaign to hard, because I added 3 Difficulty levels for each mission. The hardest level is the same as before, “EASY” and “MEDIUM” are less hard. Though there also is an Open Feint Highscore List now, which is the summed up score of all singleplayer games.

So you’ll still only be able to get to the Top of the Highscore if you defeat all levels in “HARD”, but that will be well earned then 🙂

After some critique some issues arose with the 1.0 version so I’m gonna add some stuff and fix some bugs. Again, anybody who has constructive critique and suggestions is very welcome to send me a message 🙂

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