I studied mathematics at the HU Berlin and now work as a Freelance-iOS Developer based in Berlin.

My acquired programming skills are in Fortran, C/C++, Matlab, OpenGL, CoQ, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails and after putting 4 iOS-Apps in the Store I’m well-versed in Cocoa Touch, UIKit and over Apple-Frameworks.

My emphasis is on math-intensive mobile problems, with a particular interest in OpenGL ES applications.

Furthermore I’m interested in physics, political science and alternative folk/rock music ( last.fm )

Email: support (at) tactica (dot) de

Requests for work-collaboration: xing

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello, I’m a reviewer for indiephone.net, a website created to support and bring more attention to games created by independent developers. I noticed your game and it looked like it could be pretty cool. If you are interested in getting the game reviewed on our site, please respond to the email with a promo code.



    • Hey, sure I’m interested.
      I wanted to sent it to reviewers myself, yet I always find things to incorporate to make it even better 🙂
      If Apple approves the update I sent them last Friday until next Friday, the things mentioned in the Post about Version 1.3 will be in the game.

      Most of all tiles will light up once they are connected to a base and fall dark once they are cut off, which I believe might improve it a lot.
      Also I’m currently working on a way to show individual AI-Moves to players in a more transparent way, as I had criticism that its hard to understand what the AI did.

      But I’ll send you an Email with a promo-code, just keep in mind in one week it might be a lot better 😉

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