Call for Help – Crashlogs for iOS 3.2 [Fixed]

Hey there!

This time I have an urgent problem, that I can only fix with your help!
Unfortunately the App iBeat seems to crash at the start on all iPads running iOS 3.2, while running perfectly fine on iPhones with iOS 3.1. (A friend has an old iPod I can use for testing)

I updated my own iPad to iOS 4.2 and since It isn’t possible to go back, I can’t test this problem on my own.
So If you have an iPad running iOS 3.2, please download ( – its free) , start it, sync it with iTunes and finally send me the crashreport ( You may read about which folder the crashreports are in on your Computer here.

Thank you all in advance!

2 Responses to “Call for Help – Crashlogs for iOS 3.2 [Fixed]”

  1. Hi there, I have a similar issue in an app of my own: crashes on startup when run on an iPad with iOS 3.2. I don’t have access to my own iPad with iOS 3.2 so I’m in a similar boat. Would you mind sharing what the solution in your case was?

    • Hey there!
      Well, it is some while ago, that I fixed this.
      First of all I found a friend with a First Generation iPod, that was still running iOS 3.0. I did weak link everything, but it turned out I got some “Symbol not found” errors for stuff that was introduced in iOS 4.0. So what I did was I had to change some lines looking like
      “[[UIPopoverController alloc] initWithContentViewController:self.naviC];”
      “[[NSClassFromString(@”UIPopoverController”) alloc] initWithContentViewController:self.naviC];”
      On the iPad the above shouldn’t make a difference, because UIPopoverController is included in iOS 3.2, but this was just an example for a class that is not there.

      The Problem on the iPad was that I used some UISegmentedControl’s propertys, yet in iOS 3.0 it didn’t have those. So I had to adjust them conditionally, see the following code:

      if (!iOS4supported) {
      metrumSeg.segmentedControlStyle = UISegmentedControlStyleBar;
      metrumSeg.tintColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor];


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