Feature-List for Version 1.5:

  • simplification of the camera controls, 1 finger swipes are now used to scroll and two-fingers turn and zoom
  • some more 3D Drawing optimizations, therefore “undo” has become a lot faster and the overall app consumes less battery power
  • Improved battery performance by reducing the frames per second to one as long as nothing happens on the screen
  • support for Antialiasing on all devices that have iOS4
  • high-definition artwork for the retina display of the iPhone 4
  • surround sound enviroment using OpenAL
  • a background music soundtrack by Markus Illko
  • including the plcrashreporter so people can upload possible crash-logs
  • new modifications to the HUD-Artwork
  • a new Leaderbord for random missions
  • Fixed a Bug where the Arrow that shows the upgrade of an AI-Unit starts from the wrong ai-base
  • tile’s controlled by a player light up when his/her turn starts
  • a new addition to gameplay: space-dwelling plants that suck the energy from tiles
  • new Credits with turning 3D models and they always show up after end of the last mission
  • 6 new Missons involding those space-vines (done till this point)
  • OF-Push-Notification Multiplayer, so Users may play against there friends on a long term basis (this may take a while since it is not officially included into Open Feint yet, but announced for the summer)
  • Integration of GameCenter in iOS4

Future Plans:

  • AI-optimization, the AI now plans several turns into the future (put that to future work because appearently people are more complaing about the AI bring to hard then to weak 😉 )

2 Responses to “V1.5”

  1. Reto Schmid Says:

    lap counter would sometimes be handy
    Regards, Reto

    • Hey, thanks for asking for a feature, I always appreciate suggestions!

      So you mean, there should be a counter indicating how many game-turns have passed yet?
      While you are playing the game?

      I could see how that might confuse people who are completely new to the game and look at the UI and all the numbers.
      But I could add it as an option in some option menu.

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