Here is the changelist of Version 1.4: (Update submitted to the AppStore at June 28th)

  • if users mistaps units or tiles slightly and taps an empty tile instead, tactica guesses the correct tile to be tapped now!
  • AI-Movement is now shown step by step, with little arrows indicating movement
  • performance-optimization for the calculation of which tiles are connected to a base, therefore responsiveness to taps should have increased a lot
  • many small 3D performance tricks added, so overall 3D Drawing perfomance should have increased by about 50%
  • small Infoviews now rotate in the same way the main view does
  • the tile an activated unit is standing on is now blinking
  • new Icon
  • a new achievement for completing 10 random missions with at least medium AI
  • if a Unit is activated, buttons that aren’t tappable anymore disappear
  • campaign and random mission menu now remember their state

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