Version 1.3 & Meeting with the Creator of Bowmaster

So version 1.2 is already on its way to be reviewed and should be available next week. But it only fixes bugs and the next content patch will be 1.3.
So I owe a lot of the suggestions for Version 1.3 to Tore Knabe the Founder of iOccam, whom I met because he is a very succesful indie developer from Berlin. Great guy and an even greater app called “Bowmaster”:

Tore Knabe’s Bowmaster

Tactica Version 1.3 features:

  • a better information for players that they need lvl3 units to kill a base, especially for lvl 2 where this is necessary to do
  • apparently the unoccupied brown tiles weren’t visible so I increased their brightness
  • tiles that aren’t connected and therefore don’t reap income now low like their light is turned off
  • the “Your Turn” button now is smaller and don’t has to be touched to go away
  • the background of Save/Load Game is correct again

Some bigger thing I’m working on:

  • AI-Movement should be more transparent, so it now shows every units movement as a floating line from the former to the new position
  • including the plcrashreporter so I people can upload crash-logs (there are few , still It seems reasonable to have a better feedback-channel)

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