Sean O’Connors “Slay”, where it all started

So as it turns out, Sean O’Connor programmed the first game to share the same rules as SecWars and Wodan the Trial called “Slay“.

In his comments on the last post he explained he even did the first version for the Atari ST in 1989!

It appears its now available for Windows, PocketPC and iPhone.

As I had never played any of his games and only saw the video of SecWars by CCP, my Rules fall far behind in respect of strategical depth as the ones used in Slay.

After all my game was supposed to be fastpaced and easy to play on an iPhone but I admit if you search for a real mindbending challenge you should check out Slay.

Go to this page to get it, I can only recommend doing so 🙂

The detailed differences between our two games are:

  • I use no trees
  • my units don’t block adjacent hexagons
  • no new bases emerge once a base is destroyed or a part of an area is split off, that means you only get the bases you start with and only get income for the area that is connected to such a base
  • one has one unique income and account-value per game not per area
  • only the biggest unit is destroyed once you go bancrupt
  • there are no towers
  • upgrading works different (2 lvl2 = 1 lvl 3) and units upkeep is different
  • Tacticas usual maps are far smaller then those of Slay
  • Slay is set in the Middle Ages and uses 2D Graphics, I use full 3D and the setting is Sci-Fi
  • its planned that races have different special features

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