Review by AppSpy

This morning I tried to google tactica to see where I would end up.

Surprisingly Andrew of  App-Spy reviewed Tactica without telling me about it!

I got a 3/5 grade  but the gameplay-points he made are fair and valid.



  • Challenging tactical gameplay.
  • Multiple missions and scenarios.
  • Online and local multiplayer.


  • Very simplistic 3D graphics.
  • Unforgiving strategic play.
Well honestly I didn’t have time to draw detailed textures for my 3D Models so its right they are quite simplistic. But I liked the style, they are not supposed to look like Soldiers from Halo 3, but Miniatures in a Board Game (which often have only one color).
And well one could add Trees like in “Wodan the Trial”, to even out the growing curve, guess I’ll try to do that once I find the time.
One thing he didn’t mention was the full 3D Camera. I didn’t see that many apps having full 3D especially Board-Games. I know it’s not necessary for direct gameplay, but it adds a little bit of a feeling to the “board” of the boardgame. One can move the board around, turn or tilt it like a real board on a table. In computer games the map is usually 2D and just your screen!
So overall I like the review very much, 5/5 grade for the Reviewer!

5 Responses to “Review by AppSpy”

  1. Hi – The original idea for your game came from Sean O’Connor’s Slay. Please acknowledge the debt and maybe send him a few bucks as a token of your esteem.

    • Appearently there are several Games which share the basic principle.
      I assure you the only one I knew of was “SecWars”, a nonreleased minigame by CCP Games which will be a part of the EVE Online Extension Walking in Stations.
      I already blogged about “Wodan the Trial” by . People in a japanese-german forum made me aware of this game after I searched for a japanese translator.
      It appears “Wodan the Trial” and “Slay” are virtually the same, yet it isn’t clear which one is the original (I’d even say that Wodan looks much older)
      If you have a look at my game, you’ll see that there are many differences to the ones mentioned above, which I explained in detail. When I designed it I just had no idea about the rules of Slay/Wodan the trial/SecWars because I had not played neither, so I made up my own rules.

      I assure you , if Sean O’Connor’s Slay is the original game I salute him for his great ideas.
      And I have to admit my rules ar far less sophisticated as the rules in “Wodan the Trial”/”Slay”, we just share a hexagonal battlefield where you get more income the bigger your area gets 😉

  2. Sean O'Connor Says:

    > Appearently there are several Games which share the basic principle.

    Yes, because they are all copied from my game Slay! CCP paid me to license my game for their SecWars version.

  3. Sean O'Connor Says:

    And Wodan isn’t older than my game. I wrote the original version on an Atari ST around 1990 and the first Windows version was released in 1995.

    • Hey Sean,

      glad I got noticed by you, Slay is an awesome game, I just bought it for the iPhone too!
      Well and again, I only saw the Walking in Stations Video before I started working on the game and in the video you could only see a small part of the game.
      Also wouldn’t want to copy CCP’s game , so I designed my own rules.
      If you play it you’ll see the games do have a different scope and the rules are very different:

      – I use no trees
      – my units don’t block adjacent hexagons
      – no new bases emerge once a base is destroyed or a part of an area is split off, that means you only get the bases you start with and only get income for the area that is connected to such a base
      – one has one unique income and account-value per game not per area
      – only the biggest unit is destroyed once you go bancrupt
      – there are no Towers
      – upgrading works different (2 lvl2 = 1 lvl 3) and units upkeep is different
      – its planned that races have different special features

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