Version 1.1

I’m happy to announce that I submitted version 1.1 of Tactica to Apple.

It will help all of those who found the SIngleplayer Campaign to hard, because I added 3 Difficulty levels for each mission. The hardest level is the same as before, “EASY” and “MEDIUM” are less hard. Though there also is an Open Feint Highscore List now, which is the summed up score of all singleplayer games.

So you’ll still only be able to get to the Top of the Highscore if you defeat all levels in “HARD”, but that will be well earned then πŸ™‚

After some critique some issues arose with the 1.0 version so I’m gonna add some stuff and fix some bugs. Again, anybody who has constructive critique and suggestions is very welcome to send me a message πŸ™‚

Complete list:

  • reworked graphics on main menu and intro scene (most importantly the metallic material of the title) (done)
  • fixed Open Feint bug coming from the wrong side (done)
  • more missions and lvls for the “lite” version (done)
  • 3 difficulty levels for singleplayer missions (done)
  • singleplayer campaign highscore adjusted by the difficulty (done)
  • flashing end turn sign in multiplayer games (done)
  • socket closed error when iPhone goes idle while connected to the server (sort of done)
  • little info window connected to my server in the main window , showing recent info&development(done)

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