Future Feature Wishlist/ Things I may or may not implement

So I got a lot of nice review by guys from all over the world, but everybody has some things to add or ask me to implement, so now I thought I’d do a little bit of planning for what to go first.

(Oh and for everybody reading this, I’m just one guy programming/designing/painting who originaly has to write a thesis about Markov Chains too 😉 So don’t expect me to write Civilization 5 for you, even though I would like to)

First of all there are things scheduled for Version 1.1, listed in the other post.

Now things that I’m gonna implement once I find the time:

  • WiFi Multiplayer Support, this is covered in Jeff Lamarches book
    but I believe it to be some work, because even though zeroconf/bonjour does most of the device finding, I still need to add some menus where you can see the devices close by, start games with them etc. Furthermore if Players are in wifi and have internet they can use the regular server to start a game between the two of them 🙂
  • One player told me he often mistakenly upgraded troops because he forgot he already had one selected. I’m not quite sure, do you guys want a confirmation screen each time you upgrade? Or do you just want a bigger indication of a selected unit?
  • Special Advantage for each race: I know I pondered that question since I started to have a second race. I already got some ideas what the 3 advantages could be, e.g. insects could be able not only to kill a base with their lvl 3 queen but capture it. But there are two problems here: 1) It’s really hard to balance the things out. There’s not a whole lot of gears you can turn to adjust the strength of each race. 2) I’d have to make the AI aware of race-issues. But once I figure 1) out, 2) will be doable.
  • Open Feint Challenges: Probably makes it eaiser to find multiplayer enemies when not too many people are in the server
  • an iPad Version. Basically I’d have to render new graphics for everything, just scaled up

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