Tactica Campaign Spoilers


I got some questions that some of the missions are impossible. Since I designed them to be hard but beatable, I’m giving a little advice on how to do that here.

Spoiler-Alert: Don’t read any further if you want to find out for yourself!

General Advice:

  • The first basic thing everybody probably already got is to cut of enemy territory. Only tiles connected to a base reap income, so sometimes it helps to build a lvl 1 soldier just to cut off some big pile, even though they’ll be killed immediately, the enemy is loosing money
  • only build bigger units if you are absolutely sure the extra upkeep is worth it. No use to build a Mech just for occupiing empty hexagons

Campaign Missions:

Human Mission 6:

The trick is to make a fast run for the little blue Base at the outer part of the map with all your starting units. Even build a lvl 1 Soldier to connect the 2 blue areas and don’t care for some lost units after the first turn. Then try to go only after the yellow player at first until you thoroughly control the formerly yellow area. From there on you can expand back into your starting area and destroy the remaining enemies!

Insect Mission 3:

This map is divided into two parts, so you’ll have to win both sides to win the overall battle.

  • generally try to distribute your income over both parts of the map to not get any enemy one one side become to string
  • in the beginning try to connect all those single blue tiles, to get a high income really fast
  • Red has a very good position, so try to cut him off frequently, even when this means loosing some lvl 1s for you
  • on the left side, place one lvl 2 worm on the place marked by the arrow on the picture once you captured all territory behind it. Then let the yellow player have all tiles between this one and the liight blue village. Let the light blue village work as a wall for you, while you are defeating “Red” and “Green” on the right part of the map and finally kill yellow once you rule right 🙂

5 Responses to “Tactica Campaign Spoilers”

  1. Hey,
    I really like the game so far. But by all means i cant master lvl 4 Insect MIssion.
    I tried manny different ways but nothing works. So, could you give a hint for that one too?

    • Thank you 🙂
      Apple is currently approving my Version 1.1 which will feature adjustable difficultys for each level, so you can turn the difficulty down for one , if you feel its to hard.

      Insect Lvl 4 is a hard one, what I usually do is I hit one enemy very hard right at the beginning and try to fend of this part of the map with lvl2 units after I killed the one enemy. But I guess that only works if the other enemys fight each other at the same time.
      Well I hope monday or tuesday you can get adjustable difficulty, if apple finally finds the time and approves it!

  2. Finally got it^^
    Thanks alot

  3. Lamburger Says:

    I beat all the campain missions. The las one can’t be beat on hard though because the light blue guys kill you in two turns no matter what.

    • Well since it is the last mission and therefore supposed to be tha hardest I won’t give a complete description and only say that I did it on hard.

      One small hint maybe, that enemy units might not get the idea of killing your bases if you don’t conquer tiles that are close to them 😉
      Still you have to be careful to conquer some tiles so they don’t win immediately.

      But I admit its very hard, and I’ll make it a teeny-tiny bit easier with the next update 🙂

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