Fun-Post: lego – frame for Promo – Videos

Both the iPod and the cameras tripod are mounted with rubber-parts (mostly tires) to minimize vibration that could distort the video.

So once I finish all artwork, I just have to borrow the High-Quality Camera of a friend and I’m ready to take a smooth professional promo video !

Totally unrelated to this, I always knew there would be some usage for my mindstormes box that I kept around for ages 😉

2 Responses to “Fun-Post: lego – frame for Promo – Videos”

  1. There are orange parts in the mindstorms box? 😉

    • Some years ago I scavenged bigger red bricks from a lego technics car box I found in the attic. The iSight-Camera of the Macbook seems to have changed colors in parts of the picture. For instance there are no white bricks in the design either, only grey, black and red.
      (and a blue floorplate that probably dates back even further into my childhood, probably some pirate’s cove watercolor base 😉 )

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