Final Version of the Main Menu

This is the final version of the Main Menu. I added a blurred PCB- Layer behind the menu to increase the feeling of the menu as one object, not 4 separate buttons.

The whole User Interface now has only 3 Types of Buttons, one 190 pixels wide, one 120 and one for the check box in the upper left.

I used Interface Builder to design all Cocoa Touch Menus, where I set the “Type” of the UIButton to “Custom” in the properties panel. Then I entered my 2 images for a normal and a highlighted button to the xcode project and set them as “Background Image” of the respective states in IB.

I experimented with glowing text on buttons, but that had to be rendered for each button individually and was pain to do for all of them let alone for localization. Glowing button as “Background Images” seem to be a better option, since then IB/Cocoa Touch takes a lot of work of my shoulders, because I only have to design 2 Button images. E.G. the disabled state is handled completely by the standard setting of IB to grey out the letters.

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