New Buttons

I designed some new buttons since the old ones were only meant for temporary usage when I designed the menus.

Also I had an argument with a friend who told me my Buttons look stupid, who reminded me they were only temporary.


My hexagons in the game actually gave the standard idea, but then symetric hexagons as buttons didn’t look that stylish. Asymptotic looked better but is similar to what has been done in other games. In the end that might not be a bad idea, to achieve some similarity to something people are used to.

2 Responses to “New Buttons”

  1. daus.salar Says:

    I like the colors and the shape, but they remind me of another game:-). Moreover it is asymetric, you may arrange it diagonally. So you pick up the diagonal style again.

    • Diagonal would lie above the mechs leg. Anyway’s I wasn’t particularly fond of the diagonal idea the whole time.

      And considering the similarities: “The Shout Out Louds” sound a lot like “The Pixies” or “The Cure” in fact some riffs are virtually the same. That tells us where they got inspiration and which bands they listened too 🙂

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