First Post

This will be my Blog  with some Insights into the Development of my first Iphone-App “Tactica“.

If you’re sick of mindless tapping for hours and you also think the Adaptions of PC-based Strategy games don’t really cut it on the tiny Screen of the iPhone then maybe I have somethong for you.

I’m mainly developing the game I would like to play myself, as so many before myself have started out to do.

As of this posting the core of the game is finished, the only things left now are a nice Intro, a Tutorial, more Campaign and Free-Play Maps and… well that’s the big thing … the multiplayer server.

The Game itself is inspired by the Walking in Stations Plans of the MMORPG Eve Online but also by pretty much all Sci Fi Movies and Games I have seen, Chess and general Hex-based Strategy games.

I will have to do some server work so I can store a Ranking and Coordinate ongoing games. Right now the competitive nature of the game is already nice against the AI, but playing against other iPhone users should be awesome.

I am envisioning a Multiplayer Ranking System in the way of Warcraft 3. That means Players get Ranks that advance with XP, you get XP if you defeat other players. How much XP you get depends on the rank of your enemies, i.e. defeating a lvl 4 as a new Lvl1 player you should get a lot, while the Lvl4 shouldn’t get that much from defeating a lvl1.

I hope I’ll be able to keep this blog up to date 🙂

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